At Fourpawstory, giving back drives who we are and what we do. It is our desire that informs in every piece of our business. As we believe that it is our responsibility to do our part by helping animals in need and creating a sustainable future for all.

Each day, your purchases help support our charity work, allowing us to donate as well as raise funds and awareness that pets are family, NOT food. This will ultimately drive positive social impact we all can be proud of. So, THANK YOU, FourpawSquad!


Visited Rumah Singgah TPP

Currently, there are around 800 dogs rescued by Rumah Singgah TPP. Most of the dogs are old ones or unwanted by their ex-owners. Part of our proceeds were used to help them buying foods and their daily needs. 

Some of the dogs wearing our bandanas are open for adoption. If you’d like to adopt one, you can also contact us!

Street-Feeding Stray Cats with SM_LoveCats

To support sm_lovecats, we helped donated some amount of money for them to street-feeding and spaying/neutering stray cats. 

Help Pejaten Animal Shelter Care for Abandoned Dogs

In May, we donated a portion of our proceeds to help Pejaten Shelter.  Every month Pejaten Shelter requires a large amount of money for the needs of abandoned dogs who are cared for and accommodated in the shelter. Pejaten Shelter needs help so that these abandoned animals can still receive good care.

Flatten the curve with Fourpawstory


To kick off the launch of Fourpawstory in April,  we raised awareness on how we can support our health care team fighting the coronavirus. For every legitimate participants we donated IDR 50,000 to, a local healthcare organization in Indonesia.